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        We believe what something’s made of and how it’s made matters.

        Our goal is to use the most eco-friendly materials and manufacturing possible, which is why our products start with American grown, Forest Sustainability Council certified wood.

        By relying on natural materials instead of plastic, we lower our carbon footprint, reduce plastic waste, and ensure each of our products provides a connection to the natural world.

        Our products are made with solar power.

        Steamer Lane Design is part of a vibrant small business community located in a converted 385,000 square foot Wrigley Gum factory. In addition to Doublemint green handrails and windowsills, our building features over 2,000 rooftop solar panels, which offset 99% of our utilities.

        We support public lands.

        As partners with the Public Lands Alliance, we donate a portion of our sales towards the strengthening the nonprofits who enhance visitor experiences at our parks, forests, refuges, and conservation areas.