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        Introducing our line of custom-engraved, American-made pencils!

        Tailored specifically for parks, our custom-engraved pencils offer a unique way to convey your brand or message, while providing an environmentally friendly keepsake.
        Each pencil is made by Musgrave Pencil Company in Shelbyville, Tennessee, and engraved in our solar-powered workshop in Santa Cruz, CA.  We're proud to deliver a high-quality product that embodies our commitment to sustainability and American craftsmanship.
        • Minimum order is 1 gross (144 pencils)
        • Pre-sharpened with #2 graphite and a clear varnish finish
        • Classic hex shape with a gold ferrule and green latex free eraser
        • Made from Forest Stewardship Council certified wood, grown overseas and manufactured in the USA.   


          Contact us to discuss your needs and receive a quote.